2023 JCCC Membership Due Increase and Registered Information Update

Dear JCCC Members:

The JCCC would like to inform you of a 10% increase in annual membership dues for all members effective January 1, 2023.  Please see below for the new amounts of membership dues.

Approved at the November board of director’s meeting this year, this decision aims to stabilize the foundation of JCCC operation and activities as the membership dues have remained unchanged since 2012. We believe the increase in the membership dues will not only accommodate today’s ever-increasing commodity prices, but also invigorate and replenish the organization further.  We would like to ask your understanding and support in implementing this change.

The JCCC’s activities and services are primarily designed to serve JCCC Registrants (individuals whose names are registered with the JCCC). An unregistered individual is considered a non-member even if s/he is an employee of a JCCC corporate member. Also, only the children of Registrants are eligible to enroll in the Chicago Futabakai Japanese Schools (Day School and Saturday School).

For this reason, please review your company’s Registrant information and update any changes (add or delete Registrants) through the JCCC member only website “My Account” by Friday, December 31, 2022.

JCCC Website: HERE

*Please click the yellow “Login” button located on the center of the page.

*Username is your JCCC registered E-mail address.

*If you forgot your first-time login password, please contact the JCCC Secretariat.

*“Notice of Withdrawal” can be found on the left side bar in the “Change Request” tab in “My Account”

The JCCC’s annual membership dues will be calculated based on the number of Registrants on January 1, 2023 and an invoice will be sent to you in early February 2023. If no “Notice of Withdrawal” is submitted, your membership will be automatically renewed.

Thank you for your continued participation and support of the JCCC. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the JCCC Secretariat.

-JCCC Membership Dues-

Type of Membership Number of Registrants Annual Membership Dues
Active Member Director Member 1-5
More than 11
$2,580 + ($168 x # of registrants)
General Member 1-5
More than 11
$852 + ($168 x # of registrants)
Associate Member 1-5 $1,056
Individual Member 1 $396

*“Number of Registrants” refers to the total number of registrants in each member company.

*No contributions to the JCCC Foundation are included in the FY2023 membership dues.

*For Active Member, the JCCC’s annual membership dues will be calculated based on the number of Registrants on January 1 every year. However, please note that exceeding the number of the registrants beyond the due range in the middle of year may incur additional charges.