JEEP(JCCC Educational Exchange Program)

The JCCC Educational Exchange Program (JEEP), sponsored by the JCCC U.S.-Japan Relations Committee, aims to give U.S. educators opportunities to view the Japanese educational system firsthand and to learn about various aspects of Japanese culture and society. In part, the program was established to support JCCC’s efforts to help local educators assist children from other cultures to adjust to school life in the United States. JCCC also wishes to make a positive impact on the local educational system, which has provided quality education to many children of JCCC members over the years, by providing educators with insight into the Japanese educational system.

This year, with the cooperation of the International Educators to Japan (IEJ) program organized by the Center for International Economic Collaboration (CIEC), the JEEP delegates joined an orientational initiative in Tokyo to learn about Japanese culture and society. To experience and absorb Japanese culture, the delegates visited schools and educational facilities in several cities, stayed with Japanese host families, and enjoyed tours of unique areas. Below are reports from the JEEP delegates:

2019 Reports

JEEP Report by Ernesto Matias
JEEP Report by Mark Noltner
JEEP Report by Rituparna Raichoudhuri

2018 Reports

JEEP Report by Joann Kort
JEEP Report by Fabiola Fadda-Ginski
JEEP Report by Rachel Bland

2017 Reports

JEEP Report by Akemi Sessler
JEEP Report by Robert Harris
JEEP Report by Ellen Gartenberg

2016 Reports

JEEP Report by Mara Barry
JEEP Report by Maureen Quiery

2015 Reports

2015 JEEP Returnee Reports