Chicago Futabakai Japanese School Facility Fund

The Chicago Futabakai, established by the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Chicago (JCCC), is a not-for-profit organization which administers and supervises the operation of Chicago Futabakai Japanese Day School and Japanese Saturday School. The Futabakai schools are private Japanese schools founded in an aim to provide education for children of JCCC member employees, and are also financially supported by the Japanese government, Japan Overseas Educational Services and other charitable organizations. In order to maintain the school facility, JCCC has been collecting obligatory one-time contributions for the School Facilities Fund from its new members upon joining. The required contribution amount varies depending upon the membership level and whether your company is publicly traded in Japan. When applying for JCCC membership, please make a check payable to Chicago Futabakai and send to the JCCC office with the membership application. Thank you in advance for your support.
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Suggested Amount for Futabakai School Facility Fund

Membership Level Number of Registrants Donation Amount
Active (Full) Member 1 $1,000 or more
2-3 $3,000 or more
4-5 $5,000 or more
6 or more $9,000 or more
Associate Member 1 $500 or more
2 – 5 $1,000 or more
Individual Member 1 (Member himself/herself) $500 or more

*Please note that the “Number of Registrants” refers to the number of people your company registers with the JCCC. If the number increases after making the donation, companies are required to make additional contribution to supplement the difference in the donation amounts. e.g., If an Active Member increases the number of registrants from 1 to 2 after donating $1,000, the Member will be required to make an additional donation of $2,000. Futabakai donations will not be returned to a Member even if the Member reduces the number of registrants.