Q1. What types of membership do you have? What are the differences between levels?

A. We have three levels of membership: Active (Director & General) Members, Associate Members, and Individual Members. For more information about the levels, please click HERE.

Q2. What is the difference between JCCC and JCCC Foundation?

A. The JCCC Foundation, founded by the JCCC, is a “charitable organization dedicated to social contribution to the Chicago area.” While the JCCC seeks to develop relationships and promote business exchanges between Chicago and Japan, the Foundation is committed to support Chicago area communities via its grant program derived entirely through JCCC member contributions and fundraising events. Every year, the Foundation provides grants to local school and non-profit organizations that support education-related programing such as innovative projects for students to enhance and increase learning, promote Japanese language education, and to promote US and Japanese community and cultural programming. In the event of natural disasters, the Foundation launches relief campaigns to support victims on behalf of Chicago-based Japanese communities. The JCCC Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Please click HERE to donate to the JCCC Foundation.

Q3. I would like to enroll my child in the Chicago Futabakai School. Why is membership in the JCCC required?

A. The Chicago Futabakai, established by the JCCC, is a not-for-profit organization which administers and supervises the operation of Chicago Futabakai Japanese Day School and Japanese Saturday School. The Futabakai schools are private Japanese schools founded in an effort to provide education for children of JCCC member employees. Therefore, the parents/guardians of its enrolled children must be JCCC registered members. Even though a legal guardian’s company may be a member of the JCCC, the child may not enroll in the school if the guardian’s name is not registered in the JCCC. Please keep in mind that the JCCC and the Chicago Futabakai Schools are different organizations. When a child graduates or withdraws from a school and you do not wish to continue JCCC membership, you must submit a JCCC membership withdrawal form from My Account.

Q4. What is the Futabakai School Facility Fee?

A. It is a one-time obligatory contribution to the Chicago Futabakai Japanese School. To maintain the school facility, all new members, except a returned member, are obligated to contribute upon joining the JCCC regardless of whether your child enrolls in the Chicago Futabakai. This contribution is tax-deductible, and the receipt will be issued by the school. For more information, please click HERE.

Q5. How will I be charged the JCCC Membership dues?

A. An invoice for Annual Membership dues will be emailed in early February every year. The payment can be made online in My Account.We also accept semiannually payment, so please contact the JCCC Secretariat if you wish to change your payment frequency.

Q6. I would like to become a JCCC Member in April. Do I have to pay membership dues for the whole year?

A. For first time membership, the JCCC will charge a pro-rated membership fee according to the number of remaining months in enrollment year. The starting month for dues calculation is the month following the month of board meeting approval or your child’s admission month in the Chicago Futabakai.

Q7. I would like to withdraw my membership from the JCCC. Can I get a refund of membership dues?

A. All membership dues are non-refundable. Once received, the JCCC will not reduce or waive fees under any circumstances. However, if you inform us of your planned withdrawal date in advance before the JCCC issues your yearly invoice, we will charge a prorated membership fee corresponding to the number of registered months in that year. The membership withdrawal form can be found online in My Account.

Q8. Are the JCCC Membership dues tax-deductible?

A. 10% of Membership Dues will be automatically given to the JCCC Foundation as a contribution unless declared otherwise. This portion of the Membership Dues is tax-deductible. The receipt can be found online in My Account.

Q9. How can I change my JCCC registered information?

A. To change your registered information, please log in online to your My Account.

Q10. I would like to utilize the activities of JCCC for my business. What do you provide?

A. We hold business seminars and events throughout the year, so you will have an opportunity to expand your business network. Active Members are eligible to join councils as key members. Director Members are invited to the Board of Directors meeting six times a year and enjoy exclusive networking opportunities. In addition, all JCCC members will receive discounted prices for advertising in the monthly JCCC newsletter and website. For details of the advertising opportunities, please click HERE.

Q11. I would like to hold a business seminar. How can I collaborate with the JCCC?

A. The JCCC planning committee organizes most business seminars. If you have a business seminar proposal, please send it to the JCCC Secretariat.

Q12. I would like to withdraw my JCCC membership. How can I do this?

A. Please submit your membership withdrawal form online from My Account.