The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Chicago (JCCC) is a regional business organization composed of mostly Chicago-based Japanese corporations that seek to develop relationships and promote understanding between Japanese and American business communities. The JCCC has the following membership levels:

  • Active (Director & General) Member:All business entities that are interested in supporting the goals and efforts of the JCCC including fostering goodwill, trade, and commerce between residents of Japan and residents of the United States are eligible for Active Membership. Entities that have Japanese company ownership, including joint ventures with Japanese companies, are required to apply for Active Membership.
  • Associate Member:This membership level is intended for companies who have non-Japanese company ownership and seek to build networks and explore opportunities in the Chicagoland Japanese business community.
  • Individual Member:This membership level is intended for small business owners, students, and visiting scholars who wish to contribute to the Chicagoland Japanese business community by supporting the JCCC goals and efforts.

If you are an employee of entities that have Japanese company ownership, you are able to only apply for Active Membership. You are not eligible to apply for Associate Membership or Individual Membership. If you have any questions, please contact JCCC Secretariat.

※ Only children whose legal guardians are JCCC members are permitted to enroll in the Chicago Futabakai Japanese School. Even though a legal guardian’s company may be a member of the JCCC, the child may not enroll in the school if the guardian’s name is not registered in the JCCC. Please also be advised that your child needs to be accepted by the school before applying to the new membership.

More details of membership benefits and dues information are below

※ For first time membership, the JCCC will charge a pro-rated membership fee according to the number of remaining months in that year. The starting month for dues calculation is the month following the month of board meeting approval or your child’s admission month in the Chicago Futabakai.

All new members, except a returned member, are required to contribute the Futabakai School Facility Fee upon joining the JCCC. The suggested amount varies depending on membership levels, so please see below for the details:

All new members except a returned member are obligated to contribute regardless of whether or not your child enrollment in the Chicago Futabakai. Please contact JCCC Secretariat to check if you are a returned member.

※ Please make the check payable to “Chicago Futabakai” and mail it to JCCC Secretariat. The Chicago Futabakai and the JCCC have different addresses.
※ We only accept checks for this contribution.

For all new Active and Associate level JCCC membership applicants, the JCCC requires two recommendations from Board of Directors Members. Please download recommendation forms and upload completed forms using the buttons below. If you have difficulty in obtaining signatures, please consult with JCCC Secretariat.

If you agree with the above membership rules and payment obligation, please check ‘I agree’ and submit the application form below:

Please apply for membership after confirming the acceptance of your child’s enrollment if your reason for applying is enrolling to Chicago Futabakai Japanese School. Also, if you are applying for the individual membership, please register a legal guardian’s name, not a child name.