Membership Levels & Dues

Membership Levels

JCCC has the following membership levels: Active Members, Associate Members, and Individual Members.

I. Active Member: All business entities that are interested in supporting the goals and efforts of the JCCC including fostering goodwill, trade, and commerce between residents of Japan and residents of the United States are eligible for Active Membership. Entities that have Japanese company ownership, including joint ventures with Japanese companies, are required to apply for Active Membership. This membership level is divided into the following two classes:

  • a. Trustee (Director) Member: The most prestigious level of membership is intended for companies who wish to be recognized for taking a leadership role in the Chicagoland Japanese business community. A Director Member representative will be registered as a JCCC Board member and play a vital role in the overall direction of the organization. For more benefits, please click HERE.
  • b. General Member: The most popular membership level. General Members receive a standard set of JCCC benefits and are eligible to join councils as a key members. For more benefits, please click HERE.

II. Associate Member: This membership level is intended for companies who have non-Japanese company ownership and seek to build networks and explore opportunities in the Chicagoland Japanese business community. For more benefits, please click HERE.

III. Individual Member: This membership level is intended for small business owners, students, and visiting scholars who wish to contribute to the Chicagoland Japanese business community by supporting the JCCC goals and efforts. For more benefits, please click HERE.

Registrant Standards

1. As a general rule, the JCCC provides services only to registrants of a member company. An employee of a member company is only eligible for JCCC services if s/he is registered as a JCCC member.

2. Only the children in the registrant household are eligible to enroll in Chicago Futabakai Japanese Schools.

3. The JCCC conducts most of its programs and services in the Japanese language. Therefore, it is most beneficial to your company to register individuals who are able to communicate effectively in Japanese.

4. Non-Japanese organizations are also eligible for the Active Membership (Director and General levels). However, as most of our seminars, events, and correspondence are in Japanese, many non-Japanese corporations choose the Associate membership level.

Type of Membership Number of Registrants Annual Membership Dues
Active Member Director Member 1-5
More than 11
$2,580 + ($168 x # of registrants)
General Member 1-5
More than 11
$852 + ($168 x # of registrants)
Associate Member 1-5 $1,056
Individual Member 1 $396

* “Number of Registrants“ is the number of registrants each member company registers. For Active Members, the JCCC’s annual membership dues will be calculated based on the number of registrants on January 1 of every year. Please note that exceeding the number of registrants beyond the dues range in the middle of year may incur additional charges.

*No contributions to the JCCC Foundation are included in the FY2024 membership dues.

  • Membership is renewed on January 1st every year. The membership fee is then calculated according to the number of registrants. The fee can be paid annually or semiannually.
  • All membership dues are non-refundable. Once received, the JCCC will not reduce or waive fees under any circumstances. Failure to make the full payment will result in a cancellation of membership.
  • For first-time membership, the JCCC will charge a pro-rated membership fee according to the number of the remaining months in that year. For example, if your membership is approved in April, the total amount is the sum of the monthly fee from May to December. For this reason, we ask all first-time members to pay the fee in a single payment.