About JCCC

About JCCC

The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Chicago (JCCC) is a regional business organization composed of mostly Chicago-based Japanese corporations that seek to develop relationships and advance understandings between Japanese and American business communities. In order to deepen mutual understandings and promote business exchanges between Chicago and Japan, the JCCC’s activities focus on three important areas: member service, educational support, and contribution to local communities.。

History of the JCCC

  • 1966 : JCCC was founded by 58 original member companies
  • 1966 : Established the Chicago Futabakai Saturday School
  • 1978 : Established the Chicago Futabakai Day School
  • 1991 : 25th Anniversary -JCCC Foundation Established
  • 1996 : 30th Anniversary – Japan Festival
  • –Cherry Tree Project Launched, JCCC Foundation’s $2 million Fundraiser Started
  • 2001 : 35th Anniversary – Reached JCCC Foundation $2 million goal
  • 2006 : 40th Anniversary – Athletic Day
  • 2016 : 50th Anniversary -Walk and Run Event, Celebration Ceremony
  • -50 Cherry Trees Donated to “Project 120 Chicago”


Members : 472 (as of January, 2024)

Member breakdown

  • Honorary members: 1
  • Active members: 322
  • Associate members: 28
  • Individual members: 121

Composition of Executive Board Officers

Honorary Chairman (Consul General of Japan at Chicago), Chair, President, Advisors (2), Vice Presidents (19), Board of Directors (81)

Current Chief Officers

Honorary Chair Consulate-General of Japan in Chicago Consul General Jun Yanagi
Chair Sumitomo Corporation of Americas Akihiko Shono
President Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. Koichiro Fujishima

Organizational Composition, Councils, Committees & Activities

①Annual Meeting/Executive Board Meeting/ Board of Directors Meeting

  • Decision-making body of the JCCC
  • Deliberate actions and plans in JCCC activities

②Committees: Executive Vice Presidents are assigned to each committee and conduct relevant activities.

  • Business Committee (JCCC Chair, President, Council Chair, etc.)
    • Host various business seminars and networking events throughout a year
    • Conduct Member Business Survey annually
    • Publish Midwest & Illinois Economy Report annually
  • U.S.-Japan Relations Committee
    • Host JCCC Beach Sweep at Lake Michigan and other volunteer activities
    • Co-sponsor the annual Japanese Speech Contest

③Chicago Futabakai Japanese Schools

  • Nominate Futabakai Chairperson and Vice Chairpersons from the JCCC (Futabakai Board Meetings are held 6 times per year)
  • Operate and Manage the Futabakai Japanese Schools (Day School & Saturday School) and their finances (School Facility Fee and other financial support)

④JCCC Foundation

  • Established in 1991. The JCCC Vice Presidents assume the office of the JCCC Foundation President and Vice Presidents. The Foundation collected $2 million dollars for the JCCC Foundation Capital Fund.
  • Host fundraising events (Charity Golf Tournament, Charity Concerts, and a portion of proceeds from the JCCC New Year’s Party)
  • Donate funding for the JCCC Foundation Grants Program (between $100,000 & $150,000 donated annually)

⑤Culture Committee

  • Organize cultural and art-related events
  • Promote cultural exchange with local cultural organizations

⑥Recreation Committee

  • Organize sports events
  • Promote sports exchange with local sports organizations


  • For director-level members only
  • Organize social gatherings and golf outings three times per year

⑧Chicago-area Japanese and Japanese-American Relations

  • Chicago Japanese American Council (CJAC)
    • An umbrella organization for Chicago-based Japanese and Japanese-American organizations including the Consulate-General of Japan in Chicago.
    • Meet every other month at the JCCC as the JCCC acts as the treasurer for the Council
  • Japan America Society of Chicago
    • JCCC collaborates with the Japan America Society of Chicago whenever possible on a range of topics/events

JCCC Publications & News

  • JCCC News Chicago (monthly online newsletter)
    • Contains reports and information of JCCC activities and events
    • Issued 10 times annually
  • JCCC Member Directory /Online Member Database on the JCCC homepage
    • Contains member information (company name, line of business, and contact information)
  • JCCC Email News (weekly Email newsletter)


Executive Director (1), Staff (3)