JCCC Seminar and Event Updates during COVID-19

We are still monitoring the situation surrounding COVID-19 and have updated our calendar of events and seminars accordingly.  We will continue to watch the situation closely and notify you of any further changes.

Thank you for your understanding. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out at jccc@jccc-chi.org.


Upcoming Events:
Mon. 7/27 Tax and Accounting Seminar (Webinar)
Thur. 7/30 Defeat Corona! Cooking Class ~Let’s Learn from Professionals! The world of food, health and Umami! ~ (Webinar)
Sat. 8/29 Golf Webinar ~Practice Methods~
Wed. 9/2 JCCC Foundation Board Meeting, JCCC Executive Board Meeting and Board Meeting


Completed Events:
Mon. 3/9 – Fri 4/10 Kizuna 9: Memories Photo Exhibition
Wed. 3/25 & Thur. 3/26 Trade Seminar (Webinar)
Wed. 4/8 JCCC Executive Board Meeting (Teleconference) and Board Meeting (Written Resolution)
Mon. 4/27 Digital Transformation (Webinar)
Wed. 5/6 JCCC Executive Board Meeting (Videoconference)
Fri. 5/8 Creative Leadership (Webinar)
Fri. 5/15 Creative Leadership (Workshop)
Sat. 5/30 Golf Webinar
Wed. 6/10 JCCC Foundation Board Meeting (Videoconference), JCCC Executive Board Meeting (Videoconference) and Board Meeting (Written Resolution)
Fri. 6/12 Digital Transformation in Industry (Webinar)
Wed. 6/17 Future of the United States Economy (Webinar)
Wed. 7/8 JCCC Executive Board Meeting (Videoconference)
Mon. 7/20 A Presentation Strategy to Survive an Uncertain Environment (Webinar)


Postponed and Canceled Events:
Sun. 3/15 Commemoration of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
Wed. 3/18 TOHOKU UPDATE: Economic Seminar
Sat. 3/21 The 34th Japanese Language Speech Contest
Thur. 4/2 Fraud Prevention and Security Seminar (postponed)
Sat. 5/9 Illinois-Kai Golf
Sun. 5/17 Spring Open Golf
Sun. 6/7 JCCC Foundation Charity Golf
Wed. 6/10 Illinois-Kai Golf
Sat. 6/20 & Sun. 6/21 Japan Festival Chicago
Sun. 7/12 Summer Open Golf
Sat. 8/1 JCCC Foundation Charity Walk