JCCC Online Directory

Dear JCCC Members:


Thank you for your continuous support of the Chamber’s business and activities.


The rapid spread of the novel coronavirus has produced a tremendous impact on the economy and our lives, including the suspension of regular business and restrictions on social interactions.


The JCCC Secretariat continues to work remotely under these challenging conditions in accordance with the Illinois State Government’s stay-at-home order. We are striving to operate the same services and provide the same resources as usual.


While our business seminars and events have been unfortunately canceled or postponed, we continue to collect useful coronavirus resources from our member companies and Chicago regional agencies so as to provide this information to our members. We apologize for any inconvenience and ask for your understanding in these difficult times.


In regards to the “JCCC Member Directory” published yearly in mid-August, we typically mail proofreading documents to members in late March. However, in consideration of the fact that many people have been having difficulty receiving mail under the stay-at-home order, we decided to discontinue the paper booklet version of the directory and launch an online member directory. 

The online version of the directory was approved at the annual meeting this year. The original launch date was January 2021, but we intend to launch it earlier for everyone’s benefit. Currently, we are planning to launch it in August and will announce the official date as soon as possible.


We thank you again for your continued understanding and cooperation.