JCCC Photo Contest Winners

The photo contest hosted by the JCCC Cultural Committee was open from July 14 to September 15, 2023. We would like to send a big “THANK YOU” to everyone who sent us an impressive and incredible “memorable moment” photo!  It was a tough job to select the winners, but it’s time to announce and the winners are listed below:

Gold Prize

「Fly High」
Shusuke Kitamura

Silver Prize

Haruka Sakamoto

Kid Prize*For Ages 12 and Under

Yuta Kamiya

Other Judge’s Selects
<Adult (Age 13 and Older)>

「We’re all waiting for you.」
Mai Higuchi

「六甲山(Rokko Mountain)」
Ken Snow

「Warming Up」
Itaru Nishimura

「That day in the poppy field」
Kunihiro Morimoto

Katsumasa Komoda

<Kid (Age 12 and Under>

Aveline McClughen

「My summer vacation」
Yukika Arata

Ritsuto Ichimura